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Free Consultation


Why not book in now for an introductory chat to establish what you need and how I can help?

This is an opportunity for us to meet for free for 30 minutes. It's a great way for us to get a feel for what work we could do together and most importantly for you to decide whether I am the right practitioner for you. You will have chance to ask me any questions you might have, about me and my approach to supporting you.  I understand that taking this first step to accessing support can be a challenge in itself so please feel free to drop me an email if you have any questions before you book online.


Online Counselling


Our modern lives often prohibit a weekly commitment to visiting a therapist in person. This service enables you to access counselling with me from your own space at a time and day that works for you each week. You will learn how to set up your own space for counselling and can read more here. If you don't feel comfortable with video-calling, I can also offer audio-only, messenger or email therapy. I am happy to work in a way which best suits you. Sessions are 1 hour and cost 60€. My online booking system gives you a direct way to choose and book your next session. I feel being able to easily schedule your sessions around your daily commitments is vital to your therapeutic journey.

Embodied Wellbeing


Work with your body's felt senses to develop your self-care plan. This is a great way to support your ongoing healing work or a gentle way to refine your self-care routine. You can have a stand-alone session or book as often as you require in addition to your therapy sessions. To give you an idea, the usual format is a discussion of your needs progress and obstacles, a meditation and/or embodied grounding process and finally a space for gratitude practice and future commitments to self. These sessions are 45 minutes and cost 45€ and are currently only available as an online session, which you can book it here.


Lets work together to support you. We will look at your wellbeing balance with a clear focus, from your sleep patterns and nourishment to your emotions and connection to others. Helping you to develop a routine to stay well emotionally, physically and spiritually throughout the change of seasons. This is designed as an extended stand alone session and could be all you need to connect to what your soul needs right now or you may decide to continue with further therapy.

Reiki Healing

I am currently unable to offer in-person Reiki healing but I can send it to you or your loved ones remotely, just email me with the full names of those who require the healing and I will send it in my daily practice, free of charge.


Reiki is a Japanese technique that is used to heal physical and mental trauma, and to support mental clarity and spiritual well-being. It's a spiritual healing practice that helps your system balance itself. Balance is always a good thing, because your body can only self-heal when your nervous system is balanced. By encouraging your system toward balance, Reiki practice can help you in any situation, even when it isn’t the only help you need. 

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