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About Therapy

Therapy is a space for you to see you, to hear you and to connect to your wisdom. I am direct and I listen with honesty. I will help you hear you. We will work together to build a safe healing space. You will experience consistent and with strong boundaries.

When you feel heard, accepted, seen and understood, you can come to know you are enough. Your trust in yourself and soon you will not ‘need’ therapy or anyone to help you fix what feels broken in your life. You will feel reconnected to your intuition and trust in your sense of what you want and need.

Person-centred counselling will always underpin my practice. I am a trauma-informed practitioner. I understand of the impact traumatic experiences can have on a person’s life and functioning. I work on creating a safe therapeutic environment for each individual. 

We will work with embodiment, practicing checking in with how emotions feel in your body. Learning best way for you to ground yourself in the present moment. Develop your own unique self-care strategies.


I prioritise working from a place of integrity and with my own vulnerability. This creates balance and allows a sincere connection between myself and clients. I am a member of the professional governing body BACP. I am committed to their code of ethics and have regular supervision as part of this.


About Me

I am passionate about the benefits of therapy and self-discovery and I am my own journey. I engage in personal therapy. It is an important part of my professional responsibility and my self-care routine. I also feel this has huge benefits for my clients too, assisting me in offering safe, clear space for you at all times. 


It’s a privilege to be able to work this way and connect on a soul level with others. I have a thirst for knowledge and deepening my self-awareness. I enjoy learning, studying different approaches and techniques for building that connection. This includes everything from meditations to energy and process work. I am a reiki practitioner. I would describe myself as spiritual and open minded to all religious beliefs. I’m so interested in each individual I meet, in our souls and our journeys through life.

I have an autoimmune disease and chronic pain condition. After diagnosis and limited medical treatment, I began my own journey to healing. For me, we are a whole, our bodies do not consist of separate parts, unlike a machine, all our parts connect together. When we experience disease, we must look at the whole being not only the affected part. For example, if we are nervous our guts feel upset or if we have food poisoning our mood will be low.

In 2019, I moved from Manchester over to Haute Vienne, in rural France, with my husband and dogs. We bought a farm and are doing the place up. At the moment, we live in a static caravan with our 3 rescue dogs. Our dream is to host embodied wellness retreats, alongside running my counselling practice. I am working hard to put all I've learnt into practice and hope to support you in your journey too.

Pencil and Notebook
My Experience

I am an experienced therapist and have been practicing for over 10 years now. I have supported a range of adults and young people to overcome many struggles. I specialise in working with anxiety, addiction and pain disorders. I also worked as a volunteer counsellor for 2 years at Stockport Women's Centre. Here I had the privilege to work with women during the hardest times in their lives.

I am trained in:

Therapeutic Counselling

Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy

Healing Trauma with Peter Levine

Post-traumatic growth

Polyvagal Theory

Somatic Interventions for Chronic Pain and Syndromes

Somatic Strategies to Address Shock and Developmental Trauma

Movement for Trauma

Total Release Experience


Transactional Analysis 101

Safe Guarding

Metta and Breathing Meditation techniques

Mindfulness and Body Scan Meditation

I am qualified to hold group sessions. I run courses and workshops for Group Therapy, Peer Supervision, Meditation Courses and Self-Care Practices. I offer Trauma-Informed Training to organisations and employers. I have also studied Ayurveda, Zazen, Crystal Healing and Functional Nutrition. 

I am a registered member of Counselling In France and the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy. I practice according to their ethical framework.

BACP Logo - 259985 (1).png
My Qualifications


Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy

The Embody Lab


Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling

The Manchester College


Counselling Skills

The Manchester College


Angelic Reiki

Master Patricia Chadwick


Usui Reiki

Master Rifat Malik


BA Corporate Communications

Queen Margaret University

Kind Words

"Who knew therapy could be light and fun at the same time as deeply nurturing and supportive!! You're a natural Helen and I'm very glad to have found you"

"I know now I've got the tools and the self belief to trust my anxieties and my instincts, thank you so much, I am forever changed"

"Helen is the last in a long line of counsellors I have seen for my substance abuse. She held the safest of spaces for me to begin to understand what I was escaping from but more than that I felt accepted at such a deep level I have found a way to accept myself. I hope if you are reading this you have a chance to work with her."

"Helen, my relationship is so much stronger now, thank you for helping me see my worth because its allowed me to show it to my wife and now she sees it too"

"When I began working with Helen I feared I would never feel joy again. I can't put into words what a blessing working with her has been"

Therapy Session
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